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ISP Ten Pin Bowling

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The ISP Bowling Carnival is designed to create a fun environment whereby the emphasis or goal is to promote networking between schools.  Each school nominates a list of students and the ACC Office randomly places students from different schools per lane.  The result is always positive, as students are able to interact with students from different schools that they otherwise may not get an opportunity.  Furthermore, the staff are able to network themselves and this system increases the relationship links between schools.

There are two carnivals held in 2017:

Term 1- Friday 10th March & Term 4- Friday 10th November

Nominations must be received by: Monday 20th February (Term 1) and Monday 30th October (Term 4)

Venues: Morley, Warwick and Cannington

Time of play: 10.30am onwards-All Venues

Costs: $15 per stuudent for two games (Cannington and Morley)

$16.60 per student for two games (Warwick)