Year 7-9







Year 7-9

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The term two winter Lightning Carnivals are held at the Year 7, 8 & 9 levels and involve modified winter sports. Schools have shown a tendency to involve their full year groups for the Year 7/8/9 carnivals. However, if a school chooses to involve a portion of that group, participation is still encouraged. All options carry the same responsibilities with regard to staffing and supervision.

In 2017 the carnivals will be changed with the Year groups allocated to the following days to accommodate the increasing number of Year 7 students. On the Year 8/9 days schools will field teams in either Year 8 or 9 competitions. Schools will also be able to chose which day they wish to attend for the Year 8/9 carnivals.

Year 7- Monday 

Year 8/9a - Tuesday 

Year 8/9b - Wednesaday 

Sports currently offered at the winter carnivals are:

Boys: Soccer, AFL, Rugby Union

Girls: Netball, Soccer

Mixed:  Hockey, Touch, Frisbee