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ACC Statement - St James' Anglican School female cricket media misrepresentation

Friday, 19 November, 2021 - 16:36
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St James’ Anglican School and the ACC was today unfairly labelled by the media as having barriers in place to prevent female participation in cricket. This is untrue and our understanding is that the situation has been resolved by the school and the family. The media did not seek any comment or clarification from the ACC about this situation.

The ACC is committed to providing equal and inclusive sporting opportunities to all students in our member schools. Students have equal access to sporting activities no matter what their gender. ACC sport activities, and access to them are compliant with State and Federal equal opportunity law.

Providing opportunities for all students to play sport in a safe and inclusive environment is fundamental to the mission and aims of our schools and association.

Any suggestion that the ACC or our member schools are not committed to inclusion and gender equity in sport is simply false and not a true reflection of the programs in place.

The ACC will work with all our member schools to ensure that the nomenclature used to define gender opportunities in our sporting competitions is clear to avoid any possible confusion or misconception.

ACC interschool sport programs are voluntary extra-curricular pursuits that are fully funded by our schools. The capacity of schools to provide wide-ranging sporting opportunities is limited by the resources that they have available to them

The ACC has partnerships with State sporting associations such as the WA Football Commission, Netball WA and the WACA to enhance our activities and promote school opportunities in sport.  Our member schools would welcome any additional support from State Government or State Sporting Associations to increase the diversity and inclusiveness of our programs.

For further information please contact the ACC Director of Sport, Mr Kyle March.