Sacred Heart wins 2017 ACC Virtual Athletics Championship



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Sacred Heart wins 2017 ACC Virtual Athletics Championship

Thursday, 21 September, 2017 (All day)
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Congratulations to Sacred Heart College who was the winner of the 2017 ACC Virtual Athletics Championship. Results from all carnival divisions have been processed using SportsTrak so that the performances of every athlete at every school could be compared regardless of the carnival division. This is a great opportunity for students to gauge their individual performances against the best performers from all other ACC schools.

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Sacred Heart won the combined aggregate with 1,129 , second was John Septimus Roe ACS on 771 and third was Chisholm on 680. It was a very dominant performance from Sacred Heart who won every divisional category  except for the Junior Girls (Corpus Christi) and Senior Boys (St Norbert). Mercedes was second in the girls aggregate on 499 and John Septimus Roe ACS was second in the overall boys on 451. Chisholm (3rd), St Norbert  (6th), Mater Dei College (7th), St Mark’s (9th) and Lake Joondalup BC (10th) performed well and were the only schools outside of A Division to finish in the top 10 schools for the Virtual Championship which is  a commendable performance. Mercedes (8th) was the best performing single gender school and the only one finishing in the overall top 10 schools.

All results are available at:

To score points in the virtual carnival competitors needed to finish in the first 9 places. No count backs were used in field events and all competitors with the same performance received an equal placing.

All Star Team

The results of the virtual carnival will now be used to select the ACC Honorary All Star Athletics team. The best two performers in each event type per age group will be selected in the all-star team. If there are more than two competitors with the same performance in field events then a count back system, as per normal IAAF rules, will be used to select the top two performers. For relays the top 4 100m sprinters will be selected. Schools should check the Virtual Carnival results carefully and report any errors to the ACC ASAP.



This year 17 new records were set across the nine carnivals. The depth and athletic talent in ACC schools is stronger than ever.