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All Stars

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It is the policy of the Associated and Catholic Colleges to recognize outstanding individual achievement through the provision of Honorary and Representative All Star Teams

"Honorary" All Star teams do not actually compete in events but are an acknowledgement of the best performing athletes across the association. Honorary All Star teams are selected in AthleticsSwimming and Cross Country. These teams consist of the best performers in each event at the ACC carnivals across all schools and divisions within the association

"Representative" All Star teams play in one day exhibition match competitions against the representative teams from other school sport associations, such as School Sport WA (SSWA) and the Independent Girls' School Sports Association (IGSSA). Representative All Star teams are currently selected in BasketballCricketNetball, WAFL and AFL. Athletes need to nominate and trial for selection into these teams. To qualify as an All Star athletes must be selected in the ACC team and compete in the inter-association competition.

Note: prior to 2013 All Star teams were all referred to as "Representative Teams". 

It is a great achievement to be selected in an All Star team across more than 85 schools. All students selected in an All Star team are presented with a commemorative pin badge and have their achievement recorded on the ACC All Time All Star list. Certificates of acknowledgment are also often presented.

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All Star Letters

First introduced in 2013, "ACC Letters" is the highest individual accolade awarded by the ACC. To receive "Letters", a student must be selected in an All Star team in the same sport for the prescribed minimum number of years. The number of years does not have to be consecutive, but the years are not cumulative across sports.

Note: Letters awards in Athletics, Cross Country and Swimming commenced in 2013, with the starting qualification period dating back to 2009. Basketball, Cricket and Netball Letters awards commenced in 2018. AFLW All Stars commenced in 2021 and the first AFLW Letters were awarded in 2023. AFL All Stars commenced in 2022 making 2024 the commencement year for AFL Letters.

  • Letters in Honorary All Star Team sports are achieved by All Star selection in the same sport for at least 4 years.
  • Letters in Representative All Star Team sports are achieved by All Star selection in the same sport for at least 3 years.
  • Letters can be achieved in multiple sports if the student meets the qualification criteria of each sport.
  • Only students currently enrolled in an ACC school are eligible to receive Letters. Letters are not awarded retrospectively.
  • Students that are awarded Letters will be presented with a framed ACC Letters award as a memento of their outstanding achievement. They will be named members of the exclusive ACC Lettermen Club.

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Students can check their All Star Letters status on the All Time All Star list. The PDF file lists All Stars by sport, then by first name. It lists each student selected in an All Star team since 2009 with the year selected and number of selections displayed. Those who have achieved selection in the same sport for the required minimum number of years are eligible to receive ACC Letters.