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The ACC Lettermen club is the honorary title conferred upon students that have qualified and received their ACC All Star Letters. Click the link to see who is a member of this prestigious club.

Lettermen Club

How do I know if I qualify?

If you want to check your Letters qualification status you need to open the link and download the All Time All Star list  PDF file. If you meet the selection criteria of 4 years in athletics, cross country or swimming, or 3 years in basketball, cricket, netball, AFL or AFLW, then you will qualify for Letters in that sport. To qualify in each sport you must be selected in the team and compete for the school or ACC in competition for that sport.

What does an ACC Letter look like?

Students that are awarded All Star letters will be presented with a framed "ACC Letter" as a memento of their outstanding achievement and will also become members of the exclusive ACC Lettermen Club. The "Letter" is a stylized chenille embroidered patch in a collegiate letterman jacket style. The letter is framed with an All Star medallion, a sport specific pin and a plate engraved with the student's name and achievement. Students only ever receive one framed Letters Award; if they achieve the feat of letters in multiple sports, they will receive an additional sport pin and an updated engraved plate to add to their frame.

Why is an ACC Letter so significant?

The foremost prize that every ACC student desires to win is his or her monogram, better known today as a Letter. The student who receives this stamp of achievement has earned the respect and praise of their sporting peers and school community.

Anything you possess is valued by what it costs, and this is the reason people treasure their ACC Letter so highly. To get your Letter you must first earn the right to have it, which means you have paid for your Letter with time, effort, sweat and sacrifice.

A Letter represents long hard days of practice and gruelling contests. It represents loyalty and the unselfish faithfulness of each student while in pursuit of a definite goal. It recalls cherished memories of experiences with coaches and teachers who worked, drilled and planned daily to help develop the ability you possess, those who taught you the power of dreams and how to make them a reality. It represents each individual event, specific opponents and the strategic moments of every contest in which you took part.

Last and far from least, your Letter is the stamp of approval or seal of recognition from your school and association signifying your achievement. Your letter represents the purposes and the ideas for which your school stands. You are the proud recipient of something that every student admires. The Letter is yours to display whenever and wherever you choose. May your Letter always remind you to live your life in a manner reflecting the ideals and spirit of your school. Your Letter should be a perpetual spring of inspiration and a constant stream of pleasant memories.

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