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The Exceed Run Club is a virtual running club for ACC students powered by the Strava platform. 

The purpose of the club is an alternative to the usual school cross country training programs and ACC carnival in term 2. The club is an on line running community for ACC students so that they can record their training runs and complete ACC Cross Country course runs over 3 or 4km at community locations.

The ACC will track the performances of the students on Strava and publicise student performances on our web site and social media. Students can follow their friends and competitors on Strava to check out their times, segment performances and challenge each other.

To be part of the run club students need to be at least 13 years of age and must have parental permission to join the club.

Visit www.strava.com to create your free profile account, set your privacy settings to ACC safety recommendations, get the Strava app on your smart phone and start running.

Individual training runs

Students that join the Exceed club will be encouraged to record any runs they do on Strava and the ACC Exceed Club will display a leaderboard with the weekly leaders in distance run, average pace and vertical climbing.  Distances here are irrelevant and students can run at their own fitness level. This is a great way to motivate yourself to keep active and running on a regular basis. You can follow your friends and competitors at other schools to compare your performances and challenge each other.

Virtual Race Events

As part of the Exceed club the ACC will also set up club events with specific course routes marked out over a 3 or 4 km courses to match the ACC Cross Country distances. Routes will be set up in a number of different locations in Perth and also in major regional cities and towns. These virtual races will remain open for a number of weeks and students can complete the course as many times as they like while the event is open, each time trying to improve their performance. For the ACC virtual Exceed club races, the ACC is asking students where possible to complete the run with a buddy and run as a pair. Each pair should be supervised by a parent or guardian. Students may not run in groups larger than 10 and should not advise other people the time and date that they plan on completing a race run.  There will be no cost to students and the ACC will manage this service in lieu of the regular cross country carnival. Students will follow and record their run on web applications provided by Garmin and Strava.  ACC will publish race results on our web site and social media and acknowledge the best individual performances in each race.

The virtual event races are informal and simply for fun and the ACC will not use the results for any “formal” competition between schools and students. The results will not be used to select winners, award trophies or pick an all-star team.

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