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Virtual Cross Country Events - coming soon to a park near you....

As part of the Exceed club the ACC will set up club events with specific course routes marked out over a 3 or 4 km courses to match the ACC Cross Country distances. Routes will be set up in a number of different locations in Perth and also in major regional cities and towns.

When we set up a club event we have to enter a start time for the event and the days the event will run. Most ACC Exceed events will be set up so students can run the event on any day over a 4 week period. The generic start time will be 6.30am. That doesn’t mean that you have to run the route at exactly 6.30am, students can run any club event route at any time of the day and any day of the week while the event is open, usually this will be for 4 weeks.

Each race event will be advertisied on the Strava Exceed Run Club site  under Upcoming Club Events. Each race will have a set course map on Strava that you can follow on Strava or download to a GPS fitness device like a Garmin.

Route Map links for all Club Events are listed below.

Geraldton Sporting Arena 3km

Geraldton Beachlands Flat 4km

Geraldton 4km out and back

Albany Middleton Beach 4km

Albany Middleton Beach 3km

Whitfords Beach 4km

Whitfords Beach 3km

Yokine Loop 3km

Maylands Bardon Park 4km

Carine Open Space 3km

Carine Open Space 4km

Lathlain Park - WCE 3km

Kalgoorlie Oasis Fields 3km

Kalgoorlie Karkurla Trail 3km

Kalgoorlie Karkurla Trail 4km

Kalgoorlie JPC Streets 3km

Kalgoorlie JPC Streets 4km

Manjimup Kearnan 3km

Manjimup King Jarrah Loop 4km

Bunbury Hay Park 4km

Darlington Trail 4km

Darlington Trail 3km

Bridgetown Blackwood River Trail 3km

Pemberton Big Brook Dam 4km

Mater Dei 3km

Tranby College 3.3km

Bateman Piney Lakes 3km

Floreat Perry Lakes 4km

Floreat Perry Lakes 3km

Balga - Princess Wallington Reserve 4km

Bunbury Grammar 3.5km

Sutherlands Park 4km loop

Rockingham Foreshore 4km

UWA Sports Park (McGillvray) 3km

Lark Hill 4km

Dawesville Crab Run 4km

Coode St South Perth 3km

Fremantle South Beach 4km

Northam St Josephs 3km

Guildford Grammar 3km

Guildford Grammar 4km

Guildford Grammar 2km

Chisholm College 1.4 km loop