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Additions and Alterations Web Form

Submissions for this form are closed.
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Changes to your Cross Country team can be submitted from 21 May using the following online form. Only 5 changes can be entered on the form, if you have more than 5 changes please submit a second webform. 

This online form will be closed at 7.00am 27 May. Changes after this time are to be completed in the results room at the carnival before 12.30pm.

All submitted change forms will receive a corresponding paper "Change Ticket" prepared by the ACC and these must be collected on the day of the carnival.

Competitors with changes must report to the start marshals with their "change ticket" or they will not be able to compete.

All changes made before the end of Tuesday 25 May can include:

  1. Additions or new competitors.
  2. Withdrawn competitors.
  3. Competitors that will compete in a higher age group.
  4. Corrections to competitor details, e.g. name, gender, etc.

Changes made after midday Tuesday 25 May can only include:

  1. Additions or new competitors - only if the school has spare timing chips available.
  2. Competitors that will compete in a higher age group.