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Parking and Traffic

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Parking: (see map)


Schools are requested to follow the parking plan developed between the ACC and the Town of Cambridge (93476031). Please ensure that the parking plan is provided to all bus drivers/companies and that parents are also advised. All school buses should be clearly marked with the name of the school to assist staff and students.



Large Buses: are requested to drop off and pick up along Alderbury St or Perry Lakes Drive (as per the allocation below). Verges on Alderbury St & Perry Lakes Drive will be spiked signed “no parking”, but buses can still drop off and pick up at these sites. Large buses remaining for the duration of the event cannot remain in the Perry Lakes locality but must park at the following location:


Car parking areas at City Beach (between Challenger Parade and Fred Burton Way)


No all-day parking on Alderbury St, Perry Lakes Drive, Brookdale St, behind YMCC hockey clubrooms.


Smaller Buses: smaller buses (capable of fitting in a standard car bay) should park in the following areas: car park behind the YMCC Hockey Club Rooms (before 9.15am), parking areas off east side of Perry Lakes drive. Small buses MUST NOT park on the temporary grass parking off Alderbury St or on Perry Lakes Drive near the skate park.


Car Parking: car parking is available at:


In the car park behind the YMCC hockey clubrooms (before 9.15am)


On the temporary grass car park off Alderbury St.


Street parking is also available in the residential area to the east & south of Alderbury Street in marked areas.


Car Parking is not allowed:


The entrance road to the YMCC Hockey Clubrooms car park will be closed after 9.15am.


No car parking is allowed in the pickup/drop off bus zones on Alderbury St and Perry Lakes Drive.


No car parking is allowed in the Bold Park car parks off the west side of Perry Lakes drive (Tuart and Camel Lake)


No parking is allowed in the WA Ecology Centre and Perry House car parks off Perry Lakes drive.


No car parking is allowed on Perry Lakes Drive in the vicinity of the skate park.

Bus Drop Off / Pick Up:


Drop Off: Buses are to proceed south down Perry Lakes Drive or north up Alderbury St. Students ARE NOT to cross the road on drop off. If remaining for the day, proceed to City Beach parking.


Pick up: Buses may start to line up for pick up from 1.30pm. Schools are designated a pickup/drop off zone on either Alderbury St or Perry Lakes Drive. Direction of buses is:


Perry Lakes Drive: approach in a southerly direction and wait on the left/east side adjacent Alderbury Reserve. DO NOT wait or pick up on the west side of Perry Lakes Drive heading north.


Alderbury St:  enter Alderbury St off Brookdale St and wait on west side of Alderbury St (adjacent to the finish area on the reserve). DO NOT wait or pick up students on the east side of Alderbury St.


If these areas are full wait on Brookdale St until Alderbury St is clear. DO NOT enter Alderbury St off Oceanic Drive.


Students are not to cross roads on pick up or drop off, hence no bus standing on the west side of Perry Lakes Drive, and east side of Alderbury St.


If bus drop off/pick up areas on Perry Lakes Drive /Alderbury St are full on arrival, proceed to Brookdale St and use parking embayments on west side of road until space is available to proceed down Alderbury St. Alternatively wait in the new housing development behind Perry Lakes Stadium off Meagher Drive/Alderbury St. Pick up/drop off is also allowed from this area.


School pick up/drop off allocated areas. Please instruct bus drivers to drop off and pick up students in these areas:


Alderbury St

Alderbury St

Perry Lakes Drive

Perry Lakes Drive

Alkimos Baptist

Grace CC

Mater Dei

Southern Hills

All Saints'

Guildford GS


St Andrew's


Heritage College


St Brigid's

Austin Cove Baptist

Holy Cross


St George’s

Bunbury Grammar

Immaculate Heart

Mother Teresa

St James’

Carey - Harrisdale

International School


St John Bosco

CBC Fremantle

Irene McCormack


St Joseph's School


John Paul


St Mark's


John Septimus Roe

Northshore CGS

St Mary MacKillop

Corpus Christi

John Wollaston

Peter Carnley

St Norbert

Court Grammar


Peter Moyes

St Stephen's (Carramar)


Kennedy Baptist


St Stephen's (Duncraig)

Edmund Rice



Swan Christian

Emmanuel CC



Swan Valley

Emmanuel CS

Lake Joondalup

Sacred Heart

The King’s College


La Salle



Fremantle CC

Living Waters


Ursula Frayne

Georgiana Molloy

Lumen Christi



Geraldton CC

Mandurah BC



Geraldton Grammar

Mandurah CC

South Coast Baptist