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ISP Beach Carnival

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The Inauguaral IS Beach Carnival was held in 2015.

Sorrento Beach will again be the host venue for the 2020 Beach Carnival for the ACC Inclusive Sports Students.

Date: Friday 21st February, 2020.

Students will participated in a wide variety of beach and water activites throughout the mornng. This will be followed by a BBQ lunch for all attending schools at the Sorrento SLSC.

Schools attending will be required to bring qualified staff with at least one staff member with a Surf Rescue Qualification. All schools will assist in the running of the activites for the Inclusive Students.

Nomination: December 6th, 2019

Schools are to nomintae approximate numbers, beach or water activity, surf rescue person and approximate staff numbers that will be attending the day.

Time: 10am-1.30pm (Lunch from 12:30pm)

Venue: Sorrento SLSC


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