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***Breaking News***NO LIMITS Swimmers-Times to be sanctioned by Swim WA


As from 2019, your NO LIMITS swimmers at the ACC Divisional Swimming Carnivals, will have their swim times officially sanctioned by Swim WA. Allowing your swimmers to use these times as direct qualification into State, National and International competition. This is an awesome opportunity for your experienced and any new classified swimmers.

 NO LIMITS swimmers must have either a Provisional or National Swim Classification ACC Divisional Swimming Carnivals will be considered.

No Limits - Swimming Classification for students with disability

ACC students with a classifiable disability are now able to compete in the ACC Divisional Swimming Carnivals held at HBF Stadium, alongside members of their interschool swimming team. However, to compete, these students must hold a multi-class swim classification appropriate to their disability.

On their carnival day, the classified swimmers will marshal and compete in the programmed MC events (50m Freestyle and 50m Breastroke) However, if they have already qualified as part of the school swim team, they would remain in their designated school lane.

All students with disability (SWD) that wish to compete must complete the No Limits nomination form  by the 12th March. Please complete a new form for each student being nominated. Only students with a classification code may nominate.

Personal swim results for classified swimmers will be recorded and collated. However, no points will be allocated to the swimmers’ school team results. The exception is only those swimmers that are competing as both a No Limits classified swimmer and a mainstream swimmer for their school.

All No Limits (Classified) results will be forwarded to Swim WA with swimmer’s times considered for development and state team selection.

Note: Swimmers must be a member of Swim WA prior to their carnival date.


Obtaining a Provisional Classification:

Each disability (Vision, Physical, Intellectual…) requires a different Provisional classification process. These forms are to be completed by both parents and/or treating doctors and physiotherapists.

Some students may already have a swimming classification or have the information required to complete one. This will make the process easy and efficient.

NOTE: All classification processes are different for different disabilities.

This needs only to be completed by those students who wish to participate in the mainstream carnivals and may want to continue on the pathway of competitive and/or club swimming.

The process in Swimming is very similar to that of Athletics. The athlete will need to provide medical documentation stating that they have an eligible impairment for classification. This will then open the way for that athlete to undertake a face to face evaluation to become eligible to compete in Multi Class competition.

There are 2 options for physical impairment classification:



Provisional Classification

The athlete is assessed by their own physiotherapist to undertake a series of testing (provided in the paperwork) and this will be sent in along with footage of the athlete to then be evaluated by a classifier. The outcome of this assessment allows them to compete at a Club / Inter Club / Regional level only. Schools allow provisional classifications to progress higher up to National levels. There is a provisional functional classification information kit available at this link.

Completed Physical Classification Forms MUST be taken to a trained classifier/Physiotherapist to assist in the completion of tests.

WA Contact: Cottesloe Sports Physiotherapy-Cindy Davis

110 Napier Street, Cottesloe

(08) 92861000

National Classification

This is the same process as the provisional classification though is done in a face to face assessment with trained classifiers. This will allow the swimmers to compete up to a National level in Swimming Australia competitions.


For those with a vision impairment this will be done via the Australian Paralympic Committee (APC) and all paperwork goes through them. 

There is a fact sheet on vision impairment classification available at this link.

Refer to the following online classification links for more information.


Intellectual impairment is done via Sport Inclusion Australia (SIA). If students already have eligibility for other sports in this category they will be able to provide their SIA number. This can be added to the Swimming Australia master list to show eligible MC swimmers. There is an Ausrapid National Eligibility form available at this link.


Hearing Impairment is done via Deaf Sports Australia (DSA). The Online link will enable students to initiate classification and DSA will notify Swimming Australia and WA of the outcome of an auditory assessment.


The Transplant category is completed via Transplant Australia.

Once completed, please forward all information to the appropriate organisation listed above.


In terms of further information there is more online at:

Local Classification contacts:

Kirst Read (Swim WA)

Michael Anderson (National Swimming Classification)

Denver D’Cruz (Inclusion WA)

Please contact the ACC Administration and Inclusion Officer ASAP if you require more information about specific multi-class classifications for your students with a disability.