No Limits Athletics Records 2020
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2:00pm 22nd Sep 2020
Inclusive Athletics Carnival Program Booklet
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8:53am 11th Sep 2020

Not for photography filming

All ACC athletics carnivals in 2020 will be filmed by 4stylemedia and live streamed to YouTube on a private channel. The production will mainly cover track events and presentations. 

Any student that does not give consent to be video recorded or photographed by the ACC needs to complete this form by Friday 28th August and details will be provided to the production company. 

If a school staff member is completing the form and there is more than one student, please complete a section for each student up to 5. If more than 5 students complete another form. 

No Limits - Disability Classification Events Nomination Form

Students that have a disability and have been classified are now able to compete at their own schools divisional carnival. All disabled students that wish to compete must complete the following form by Friday 28th August. Please complete a new form for each student being nominated. Only students with a classification code or provisional classification may nominate.

Athletics Marquee Orders

Schools can order an optional team marquee for the athletics carnivals. Marquees can be ordered in two sizes:

3m x 3m: $125 (approx) - supplied and set up by "Spuds Marquee Hire", heavyduty/structured marquee, located near 200m bend/start of 100m straight. Venus West will not erect the smaller marquees in strong winds.

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