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Classification of Students for ACC Sport


Please return all completed classification forms to the appropriate association listed


What your students need to have completed:

All students apply for a provisional classification for any disability. This will enable them to compete at ACC carnivals, local competition and State level competitions.

National classifications will only be required if they plan to go on to compete at Australian All Schools and Australian Championships. On both occasions, students will have classifications prior to these events and they can also be classified at the national event prior to it starting as a last-minute option.

General Information-Athletics

 Athletics Australia

Para-Athletics Development Officer

Phone: 03 8646 4577



Get Classified:

Athletics Australia also offer free National Classification opportunities held around

Australia, during the Summer of Athletics season. Please view Classification Calendar on

our website:


Vision (Provisional)

Information to be sent to:


Intellectual (National – no provisional)

Information to be sent to: Inclusion Australia


Deaf (National – no provisional)

Information to be sent to: Deaf Sports Australia


Physical (Provisional)-

The provisional physical classification is a simple process and is outlined here:

Below is a link for forms the athlete must have completed prior to sending. This involves contact their treating specialist or doctor. If the athlete has a current medical letter stating the diagnosis, impairment and physical form from their specialist, this to can be sent in.

STEP 1. Complete SECTION 1: Athlete Details and Informed Consent

The athlete (or parent guardian if under 18 year of age) completes the athlete details and agrees to the terms in the

Informed Consent form in the attached.

STEP 2. Complete SECTION 2: Athletics Athlete Evaluation Sheet (National Provisional Athletics Classification Form)

Athletes are to make an appointment with a local physiotherapist or medical doctor to complete the attached forms

in SECTION 2. The Physiotherapist or Medical Doctor is to fill in SECTION 2.


STEP 3. Complete SECTION 3: Medical Diagnostics form. Your treating Specialist or medical doctor is to complete the medical diagnostics form.

STEP 4. Application Submission: submit application to


Further contacts:

Any questions, please contact:

Gina Grayson-Cassey (Associated and Catholic Colleges of WA)

(08) 9241 5202


Shane Ellis (Development Officer-Athletics WA)

(08) 6272 0480


Cathy Lambert (Classification-Athletics Australia)

(03) 8646 4550


Denver D’Cruz (Inclusion WA-Sport and Community Development Manager)


(08) 9201 8900