Cross Country Results



Cross Country Results

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ACC Cross Country results can be accessed from the following links:

Click the year link for standard web site team and individual results from BlueChip Timing. 

Standard Web Site Results


Individual Results

  • All individual competitors receive a recorded place and time in their race category or age group. Places are only awarded to runners who complete the course within the prescribed timed cut off. Runners that fail to finish the course or cannot cross the finish line unaided will be marked as did not finish (DNF) in the results.
  • All race finishers will be able to download a personalized certificate off the BlueChip timing web site.
  • For team points scoring, only the first three runners to finish for each school score points for their school.
  • The top three place getters receive a medallion at the carnival. The top 5 place getters are selected in the ACC All Star Cross Country team and will receive a certificate and badge from the association after the carnival.
  • Result links will redirect to the BlueChip timing web result pages.

Team Results

  • Scoring at the carnival is on the basis of placings and a runners place is their score i.e. place 23 = 23 points. The lower the place the better the score and the school with the lowest overall score wins.
  • The scoring is also constructed such that for a school to qualify for an event they must have a minimum of three runners complete the course within the prescribed cut off time. To qualify for overall aggregate trophies schools must qualify for all events in each gender.
  • The top three place getters in each race are presented with medallions and the top five place getters are selected in the Honorary All Star team.

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