The Associated & Catholic Colleges of WA (Inc) is now one of the largest independent secondary school sports associations in Australia. From humble beginnings in 1937, when three Christian Brothers Colleges came together for athletics competition on the WACA ground, the Association now has a membership of 89 schools across the state.

This history was first compiled by Br PJ Cronin and is still a work in progress. An invitation is extended to all members, past and present, to assist the Association in gathering more detailed historical information. If you would like to make a submission to the ACC History document please complete the contact us form.

The ACC History is presented here as an eBook and broken up into chapters, the first of which is an abridged version of ACC History from 1937 to 2000. The remaining chapters are broken into various time periods and provide more detailed information. Other historical information provided in the web site includes a series of Yearbooks dating back to 1999 and a history of results for swimming, athetics and cross country carnivals.

To access the next chapter of the history eBook simply follow the links on the left and bottom of the page.