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The Northern Associated Schools (NAS) are undertaking a review of the NAS Sports Program. The schools are keen to understand what the students think of the program and how they believe it can be improved. 

From research we know that levels of physical activity are declining throughout society and problems caused by diseases such as diabetes, cancer, cardio-vascular disease and mental health are increasing. The NAS schools want to activate students to lead more active and healthy lifestyles.

The aim of the NAS Sports Program is to provide students with a quality interschool sport and recreation experience. NAS schools want to provide activities that suit the needs and interests of the students. NAS wants you to be more physically active and so we are asking you what it will take to get you involved in NAS sport.

NAS has employed consultants Creating Communities Australia Pty Ltd as independent researchers to help review the program.  Creating Communities has written a survey, and will collect and analyse all results. The survey results will be used by the NAS in future planning around the sports program.  The survey will take around 10 - 15 minutes to complete. Each school will randomly select a group of students to complete the survey and the group will reflect students from all year levels, genders and sporting abilities.  Not every student in the school will complete the survey as Creating Communities are taking just a select sample size.

The survey will collect information of a range of issues and also give students the opportunity to provide their opinion on what they think about NAS and how it could be better.

  • Time of the day and year when NAS is played.
  • Reasons why students do or don’t play NAS sport.
  • What are the types of summer and winter sports and activities that you would like to have in the NAS program?

 If you are selected to take the survey please answer the questions as honestly as you can. Your answers are confidential and will be used to help improve the NAS Sport Program in the future for all students.

Your opinion is vital to help us get more students active and engaged in NAS sport. Thank you in advance to those students that will be taking the time to tell us what they think about the NAS sports program.