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Nomination Form - Players

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To nominate as a player please complete this on-line nomination form. Nominations are open to players from Year 9 to Year 12; Years 7 and 8 are unable to nominate. Sections marked with an * are mandatory and must be completed. When you have completed the form print a copy for your records and then press the submit button to send your nomination to the ACC. The cost of nomination is $18.00 and this is payable to your school sports coordinator.

Once your nomination form is submitted you will see a confirmation message from the ACC on the web site. If you do not see a confirmation message then your form was not submitted correctly and you should re-submit or contact the ACC office.

What is your current year level?

Please select your first preference

Please select your second preference

Please select your third preference

Current Playing Standard

Please select one of these options that you consider to be the highest level of netball that you are currently playing.

If necessary, please provide further details of your playing standard.

Please indicate if you qualified for the ACC All Stars Team or Squad in 2020.

A condition of nomination is that the school Sports Coordinator is aware of and approves your nomination.

A condition of nomination is that your parent/guardian is aware of and approves this nomination.

Please add via file attachment any additional information that you may have to support your nomination. This would include expanding on the highest level of netball you have played and any notable achievements. Students from regional areas that are not able to make the selection trials in Perth can submit with their nomination a reference/endorsement from the Netball WA regional officer in their town/area. The selectors can use this as a tool for selection but this is only an option for regional players that cannot get to trials in Perth. Allowed file attachments are Word, Excel, PDF or PPT.