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Officials Info

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All officials to read the following important carnival information and click on the appendix link(s) below for specific details on their role.

·         Date: Thursday 1 June 2023

·         Venue: Alderbury Reserve. Enter off Perry Lakes Drive and park in the car park behind the YMCA Coastal hockey clubrooms.

·         Arrival: all officials are to arrive no later than 8.00am; exceptions are those officials on set up duties that may be required earlier. Officials must make adequate travel arrangements to arrive at the venue on time. Officials should not travel to the venue on the school competitor buses as they will be late for their duty. First event starts at 9.30am and last event starts at 1.00pm (approx)

·         Briefing: there will be a briefing for all officials at 8.15am..

a)       Report to the room, sign in on the check sheet and collect your officials file and vest. The file number will be matched to the number on the sign in sheet, wait in the room for the briefing.

b)       If applicable to your role collect your two way radio and if you need assistance in its operation ask the communications technician for help.

·         Student helpers: most officials will need school students to assist them. Check before the day that your school has arranged your student helpers, what time they will arrive and where you will meet them. Where possible try to arrange your helper(s) to be on the team bus. 

·         Charter information: before the day check with your school sports coordinator that they have provided you with all the relevant information in the charter. Make sure that you have discussed your role with the sports coordinator so that you know what to do on the day.  

  • Rules: Event rules are as stated in the ACC Charter or as per IAAF cross country running rules.
  •          Risk Management/ Emergency Evacuation Procedures: all officials should familiarize themselves with these points in Appendix 22. The muster point for officials in an emergency will be the YMC hockey clubroom

    The muster point for officials in an emergency will be the YMCC Hockey Clubrooms.

·         What to bring:

a)       come prepared for wet weather and sunshine

b)       if you will be a course station official bring a portable chair and make sure you have two student assistants

c)       BYO morning tea, lunch and drinks

d)       Complimentary coffee voucher will be provided upon sign in

e)       Pens to write with

f)        Charter information as provided by the school or the table below (see below)

·         At the end of the day return all materials to the YMCA club rooms: badge, file, vest etc... Station officials are asked to collect and return all course flags near their location.

·         Working with Children: All officials working at ACC carnivals are required to be checked under the Working with Children (WWC) legislation. Schools providing officials to carnivals are to ensure that officials are checked and have either a current WWC ID number, are covered by an exemption or are covered as a teacher under their WACOT registration. Schools need to keep records of their officials WWC status e.g. WWC ID Number, reason for exemption or WACOT checks. 


Official App No.
Announcer 6t , 22, 23 6ga, 6gb,  6o.1
Automatic Timing/Results Room Liasion 6t , 2223 6p
Chief Marshal  6t , 2223 6h, 6i, 16
Communications Technician 6t , 2223 1, 6q
Course Scrutinizer  6t , 2223 1, 6b & 17
Course set up work party  6t , 2223 1, 6a(i) , 6f.2, 17
COVID Safety Marshal 6t , 2223 117
Duty School  6t , 2223 6c, 1, 17
Ebike Riders 6t , 2223 1,18
Finish Area Attendant 6t , 2223 15,17
Finish Area Manager & Set Up 6t , 2223 1, 6a(ii) ,17
Finish Chute Usher 6t , 2223 14,17
Finish Judge (manual) / Inclusion Results Official 6t , 2223 6j, 17
Finish Line 1st Aid 6t , 2223 6m1, 6m 2  6s
First Aid  6t , 2223 1, 6s, 6q
First Aid Spotter @ Station  6t , 2223 1, 6s
Listed Place Getters Recorder & Medallions Supervisor 6t , 2223 6o.1, 6o.2, 14, 17
Marshaling Usher 6t , 2223 6h, 6i, 16
Marshals 6t , 2223 6i, 16
Parking Officials 6t , 2223 1, 26, 26.1, 20
Results Manager Assistants 6t , 2223 6di 6dii
Start Line Assistants 6t , 2223 6h, 6i, 16
Starter 6t , 2223 6i, 16, 6h, 6o.1
Station official + buses 6t , 2223 1, 6e, 26, 26.1, 20
Station Officials 6t , 2223 1, 6e
Student Supervision Patrol  6t , 2223 21, 1, 17
Timekeepers 6t , 2223 6l, 6o.1
Venue Access Controllers   6t , 2223 1, 6e, 6f, 6r, 6f.2