Representative Teams



Yearbook 2015


Representative Teams

It is the policy of the Associated and Catholic Colleges to encourage representation of teams and individuals in pursuit of the main aim of ACC which is:

"To promote the ideals of Christian education among the students attending member schools by encouraging mutual respect and acceptance through the provision of sporting, social and recreational activities".

Through representation the Association seeks:

(a)           To expand the base of ACC organised activities.

(b)           To acknowledge an individual's acquired stage of development in an activity or sport.

(c)           To offer students the opportunities to further develop their knowledge, skill and understanding of an activity or sport.

(d)           To provide further incentive for students to participate in ACC competitions and activities.

(e)           To improve the standard of ACC competitions and activities by encouraging talented students to participate.

2.             Nature of Representation

Representation will normally involve team activities.  However, should the occasion arise, where it is appropriate for an individual to participate under ACC colours, this may be considered.

Representation will usually involve participation in:

(a)           Individual fixtures and/or series of fixtures

                •    Domestic

(b)           Tours

                •    Country

                •    Interstate

                •    International

(c)           Carnivals.

Such representation will be known as active representation.

Provision will also be made for All Star Team representation where appropriate i.e., an acknowledgement of selection where teams or individuals do not actually play in competitions e.g athletics, swimming and cross country.