Cross Country (Virtual)



Yearbook 2020


Cross Country (Virtual)


Due to the COVID-19 crisis in 2020, the ACC cancelled the Cross Country Carnival.  As an alternative, the ACC facilitated two different school based programs for their member schools.

1. ACC Exceed Virtual Run Club

The Exceed Run Club was a virtual running club powered by the Strava platform for ACC students.The purpose of the club was to create an online running community for ACC students so that they could record their training runs and complete ACC Cross Country course runs over 3 or 4km at community locations.

The ACC tracked and publicised students' performances on the web site and social media. Students could follow their friends and competitors on Strava, check out their times, and challenge each other.

The virtual event races were informal and fun based.  The ACC did not use the results for any "formal" competition between schools and students, or use them to select winners, award trophies or an All Star team.

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2. ACC Virtual Cross Country Carnival

The ACC conducted an alternative "Virtual" process across terms 2 and 3 with results taken from school based events, Athletics West/Little Athletics events and club events. The results of these events were processed by BlueChip Timing into a Virtual ACC Cross Country Event.

Normally, to qualify for the combined aggregate and boys and girls overall shields, a school must have three runners complete each race within the timed cut off.  However, for the Virtual event this year this was reduced to two runners because of the smaller numbers of participants that were involved.

Qualifying Schools;

  • Combined Aggregate: 10 schools qualified
  • Boys Overall: 14 schools qualified
  • Girls Overall: 13 schools qualified
  • Participating schools: 21

Results can be viewed using the links in the main menu.

For historiacal records the ACC Cross Country was cancelled in 2020 due to COVID-19 so there are no "official" results recorded. The "virtual carnival" process was primarily for All Star team selection and general interest.