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Swim Classification for Inclusive Students- ACC inclusive students are now able to compete in the mainstream ACC Divisional Swim Carnivals held at HBF Stadium as a member of their interschool swim team. However, to compete, these students must hold a multi-class swim classification appropriate to their disability.

 Obtaining a Provisional Classification:Each disability (Vision, Physical, Intellectual…) requires a different Provisional classification process. These forms are to be completed by both parents and/or treating doctors and physiotherapists.

Some students may already have a classification or have the information required to complete one recently done. This will make the process easy and efficient.

Classified Swimmers will compete in an outside lane available within their age group (excluding Div. I). Personal swim results will be recorded and collated. However, no points will be allocated to the swimmer’s school team results.

Please contact the ACC Administration and Inclusion Officer ASAP if you require more information about specific multi-class classifications for your Inclusive students.