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Inclusive NO LIMITS and Emerging Soccer Carnivals

Friday, 3 August, 2018 (All day)
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NO LIMITS (Outdoor) and Emerging (Indoor) Soccer Carnival


Six very competitive ACC NO LIMITS soccer teams arrived at Pat Goodridge Reserve to attempt to win the NO LIMITS Soccer Shield.

Integrated teams from La Salle (2), Mandurah, Christ Church, Sacred Heart and Lumen Christi played a series of five rounds before the final round to determine the overall winner.

All teams displayed excellent team work, skills, fair play and fantastic comradery throughout each game.

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Thank you to Irene McCormack Catholic College students who attended and took each soccer team for coaching, mentoring and refereed each of the games.

NO LIMITS Winner: La Salle 1

No Limits Final Standings: La Salle 1, Christ Church Grammar, Mandurah CC, La Salle 2, Sacred Heart College, Lumen Christi College

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Emerging (Indoor) Soccer Carnival

Nine Emerging Inclusive Soccer Teams contested the Ainslie Waddell Shield at Lords Sports Centre, Subiaco.

Assisted by SEDA Soccer students, all teams played a round robin format to determine the winner after 2 Indoor Soccer Carnivals.

Special mention to Prendiville Catholic College and Peter Moyes ACS who attended only one soccer carnival and still placed highly on the overall accumulative standings.

EMERGING Winner: La Salle 1

Emerging Final Results:  Includes Carnival 1 and Carnival 2 results

La Salle 1

28 points

Mandurah CC

27 Points

Prendiville 1

18  Points

Lumen Christi College

18 Points

Prendiville 2

16 Points

Peter Moyes ACS

15 Points

Christ Church Grammar

13 Points

Corpus Christi College

12 Points

Ursula Frayne CC

11 Points

Sacred Heart College

10 Points

Kolbe CC

9 Points


8 Points

La Salle 2

8 Points


5 points

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