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The Associated & Catholic Colleges of WA (ACC) is an independent secondary schools sports association. The ACC has a membership of 89 schools catering to more than 50,000 students.

The Associated and Catholic Colleges of WA (“the Association”) was formed in 1937 by the Principals of Christian Brothers Colleges in Highgate, Fremantle and St Patrick’s, Perth. It was formed to initiate a boys’ interschool sporting competition in athletics. The Association was then called the Christian Brothers‘ Secondary Schools Sports Association. 

 In the 1970’s the Association introduced sporting activities for girls, mirroring the opening of many co-educational Catholic schools.

 The 1980’s was also an important period of change for the Association as it begun to accept membership applications from a growing number of non-Catholic independent Christian schools as well as broadening the range of sporting activities it offered for students of all ability levels. The Association was first incorporated in 1984.

 In the 1990’s the Association introduced its maxim Sport in the Right Spirit”, and changed its name to the “Associated and Catholic Colleges of WA” and implemented a sporting program for students with disabilities. The growth of the Association since the 1950’s has been characterized by both a willingness to have an “open” and “ecumenical” approach to its membership as well as an “inclusive” approach to provide “sport for all”, not only the most talented.

The preamble to the Association’s Constitution reminds us of the Catholic heritage of the Association, which has always focussed on the development of every individual’s mind, body and soul. It is also a reminder of the growth in the membership and scope of the Association and its activities.

The Association is no longer a uniquely Catholic or Christian organisation; however, its name, objects and maxim still embody the spirit of Christ within its community of schools. The universal moral and ethical standards of Christian ethos are recognised and accepted by all of the Association’s members. The Association is proud to celebrate the cultural and religious diversity of its membership and seeks to uphold its Objects and Purpose as outlined in its Constitution.

Member schools compete during the year in a range of activities:

  • traditional carnivals in athletics, cross country and swimming
  • fun participation lightning carnivals
  • weekly summer and winter interschool sport
  • representative & All Star teams and tours
  • Inclusive sport program for students with disabilities.


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The maxim of the association is Sport in the Right Spirit.

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