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Upcoming ACC Events

  • Council Meeting
    Newman Siena Centre, 33 Williamstown Rd, Doubleview WA 6018, Australia
    4 April, 2023
  • Term 1 concludes
    6 April, 2023
  • ISP Multi Sport Day 1 nominations due
    6 April, 2023
  • Good Friday
    7 April, 2023
  • Easter Sunday
    9 April, 2023
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How to add the ACC Google Calendar

The ACC events calendar is shared as a public Google calendar and people can add this ACC Google Calendar to their own calendar on their mobile device or desktop application such as Outlook. The benefit of this is that the ACC calendar dates will always be the most updated version and you can quickly check dates/times for ACC events and meetings. Following are the directions for anyone that would like to add the ACC Google calendar to their computer or mobile device calendar.

Adding or linking the public ACC Google calendar onto your mobile device or desktop computer is very simple and the steps are outlined below.

You add the calendar as what is called a subscribed calendar, this will then display the ACC calendar when you select the calendar icon on the phone or in Outlook.  The ACC Google Calendar is a read only calendar so you cannot add or delete any of the calendar items displayed.

 To add the ACC Google calendar to your iPhone or iPad in iOS:

1.      Go to Settings

2.      Then go to  Calendar

3.      Then go to Accounts and go to Add Account

4.      Then select Other (normally at the bottom of the list)

5.      Then under Calendars go to Add Subscribed Calendar

6.      For the Server name enter the following iCal address as the server name

7.      The ACC Google Calendar will now display side by side with your own work or personal calendar on your device. To bring up the ACC Google calendar you open the calendar application on your device, then at the bottom of the screen click the Calendars tab and then tick the ACC Google calendar from the list of available calendars.

To add the ACC Google calendar to your desktop computer:

The same procedure can also be used to add the ACC Google Calendar to the calendar on your desktop computer. If you use Microsoft Outlook to manage your work calendar you can add the ACC Google Calendar as an internet calendar  in much the same way and it can be displayed side by side with your work Outlook calendar.

In Outlook to add the ACC calendar do the following:

1.      Go to Calendar

2.      Then go to  Home menu tab

3.      Then click the  Add Calendar tab and then select the From Internet tab in the drop down menu

4.      Then under the New Internet Calendar Subscription pop up window paste the following iCal address as the address of the Internet Calendar you want to add to Outlook

5.      The ACC Google Calendar will now display under Other Calendars in Outlook. The ACC Google Calendar can be viewed side by side with your own calendar, in overlay mode where they both sit together and are coloured differently or you can keep it hidden by just un-ticking the box next to it and tick it whenever you want it to display again. Whenever you send/receive on your Outlook account it will look for updates on the ACC Google calendar.


If you use a Mac computer you use the Apple iCal calendar then you can do much the same thing and add the ACC Google Calendar as a subscribed calendar and it will display alongside your own iCal calendar.


Other mobile phones: users of other mobile phone operating systems such as the Android or Blackberry system can also do a similar set up.

You can still access the ACC calendar even if you don't currently use a Calendar application by using the ACC's calendar's address in plain web (HTML) format. Just click this link and the ACC Google calendar will open in a web browser.

School IT staff will be able to help you with the set up but ACC staff can talk anyone through this if they need any assistance.