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Multi Class Classification Events

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Multi Class Events: ACC Athletics

ACC students with a classifiable disability can compete in the ACC Divisional Athletics Carnivals as a Multi Class athlete alongside members of their interschool athletics team. However, to compete these students must hold a classification with Athletics Australia appropriate to their disability.


·     Maximum of 4 Events for Multi Class athletes from 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1500m, Shot Put, Long Jump, High Jump.

Note: If Multi Class athletes wish to compete in other events not listed above, they must contact the ACC office and nominate accordingly

·     Multi Class athletes will compete and be timed/measured within their own age/gender event. Results will be measured against the latest MDS for these event/s. In most cases their results will NOT count toward the school’s overall tally of points. However, if the student has a classified disability but is also selected in the mainstream athletic event for their school, then the performance of that student can count towards both the school carnival points and the Multi Class event.

·     The differentiation between the Multi Class and Inclusive competitors is that to be considered a Multi Class competitor, the student must have an official athletics disability classification. Inclusive runners that do not have a classification are ineligible to compete at the ACC divisional Athletics Carnivals. Inclusive students are encouraged to participate in the Inclusion Athletics Carnival which is a separate event.

·     Athletes that are classified, will be considered for selection in the ACC All Stars Athletics team.

·     When there are multiple Multi Class competitors with the same classification/gender and age in the same athletic event, the athlete with the highest percentage score with the MDS will be deemed the winner of the Multi Class event. The Multi Class event winner will be selected in the ACC All Stars Athletics team.

·     The Multi Class athletes will report to their nominated athletic event, as per normal marshalling procedures at the Athletics Carnivals. The classified athlete will marshal and compete within their age group in the Div II events where possible.

·     For track events, Multi Class athletes will compete in the outside lane (9 or 12) which is usually left empty. However, if they have already qualified as part of the school athletics team, they would remain in their designated school lane. If there are no free lanes in an event, then an extra event will be added to the program to enable the Multi Class athletes to compete.

·     For field events the Multi Class athlete will be the last competitor in the tries order. However, if they have already qualified as part of the school athletics team, they would take up their designated school tries order.


·     All students that wish to compete must complete the Multi Class nomination form by 19th August. Please complete a new form for each student being nominated. Only students with a classification code may nominate. If the classification has been applied for but not yet confirmed, then the Athlete can nominate with a provisional classification. In this case add a P after the code when nominating to designate provisional.  

Note: The Multi Class athletes must also be nominated along with the rest of the school athletics team and included in the submission of team list so that they are allocated a competitor number by the ACC. Check the competitors code with your Head of Sport.

·     Multi Class athlete Nomination: Please complete the online nomination for any competitors competing as a Multi Class classified athlete.



Classification process should be commenced early if you wish for your students to compete at the ACC Athletic carnivals. Great opportunities are available for any athletes that are classified and wishing to be a part of your mainstream interschool carnival. Please use below link for Athletics classification.

Note: Students only require a “Provisional” level of classification to compete at the ACC Carnivals

Getting started: Classifying Students for ACC Athletics as a Multi Class Competitor

Athletics Australia Classification Link Below

Feel free to get in touch with the Para Classification Coordinator from Athletics Australia for more guidance and support 

 Phone: 03 8646 4550.


  • Physical Classification for Physical Impairments Only

All information regarding classification is listed on Athletics Australia website:

  •  Vision (Provisional)

Information to be sent to:

  • Intellectual (National – no provisional)

Information to be sent to: Inclusion Australia (details below)


  • Deaf (National – no provisional)

Information to be sent to: Deaf Sports Australia

(P) 03 9473 1191



Types of Classification in Australia

There are a range of disability groups eligible to compete within the Australian athletics system as an athlete with a disability. These disability groups are separated into varying classifications to ensure fair competition.

The classification groups are as follows:

·         T/F 01 Hearing impairment (Deaf Sport classes)

·         T/F 11-13 Visual impairment (Paralympic Classes)

·         T/F 20 Intellectual impairment (Paralympic Classes)

·         T/F 31-34 Athletes with hypertonia, ataxia or athetosis who compete sitting (Paralympic Classes)

·         T/F 35-38 Athletes with hypertonia, ataxia or athetosis who compete standing (Paralympic Classes)

·         Cerebral Palsy & Acquired Brain Injury (Paralympic Classes)

·         T/F 40-41 Athletes with Short Stature (Paralympic Classes)

·         T/F 42-46 & T47 Athletes with limb deficiency, muscle weakness or joint restrictions who compete standing (Paralympic Classes)

·         T 51-54 Wheelchair (Track Events) (Paralympic Classes)

·         F 51-57 Wheelchair (Field Events) (Paralympic Classes)

·         T/F 60 Transplant Recipients (Transplant Sport classes)

Each disability group has a set of minimal disability criteria that an athlete must meet in order to be eligible to compete as an athlete with a disability. Athletes must undergo specific Athlete Evaluation or Eligibility processes to obtain a classification.

Any queries, please contact Cherie Pirnie (Sport Operations Manager - Inclusion) via email or phone.

ACC Office: (08) 9278 0218