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Officials Application Form

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To register your availability to work as an official at the ACC athletics carnivals please complete this on-line application form. Sections marked with an * are mandatory. When you have completed the form press the submit button to send your application to the ACC. Once your  form is submitted you will see a confirmation message on the screen.

Submission of this application form does not guarantee that you will be selected to work as an official. All applications will be collated and then the entire list is provided to the ACC schools. Schools that are looking to hire officials will then contact people off the list, so you may or may not be contacted by a school.

If you are contacted by a school the school will provide you with the details of your officiating role and arrange payment. Please contact the ACC office direct if you have any questions.

Do you have a valid Working With Children number? It is a legislative requirment in WA that people working with children are registered and have a valid WWC number, pending application or exemption. If you are contracted by a school to work as an official you will have to provide the school with details of your WWC status. If you don't have a valid WWC number now you can still apply but you may be required to obtain your WWC registration before the carnivals.

I am available to officiate on the following dates:

Which university or organisation are you from? E.g. Little Athletics, UWA Human Movement, ECU PE, Masters Athetics etc...

Relevant Experience

Please write below a brief summary of your relevant athletics officating experience i.e. Have assisted in previous carnival years, preferred Events: HJ, LJ, Jav, Dis, SP, throws or track etc... Roles: Marshal,Timekeeper, computer/results room, field event site etc...