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Seating Usage Form (A-F Div only)

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Schools in divisions A-F should complete this seating usage form for the WA Athletics Stadium.

  • Grandstand

Each school is allocated an approximate % of the grandstand based on their school population. Schools are asked to complete the form to advise the ACC how much of their allocation they will be using and if they would like to request extra seating if it becomes available.

  • Shade Sails

In addition to grandstand seating each school is also allocated a shade sail area on the grassed banks. These areas can be used as competitor or additional spectator seating.

Schools also have the option of requesting a team marquee which will be erected on the grass bank on the south west corner near the 200m start. There is an additional cost for these marquees of approx $250.00. Schools that would like to order an optional team marquee must complete a separate order form for this.