Spectator Seating Usage (A-E Division)







Seating Usage Form

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Schools in divisions A-E should complete this spectator seating usage form for the HBF Stadium indoor pool permanent grandstand. This form refers to spectator seating only, not competitor seating. The form is important as it notifies the ACC the number of spectator seats each school plans to use from its allocation and if they require extra seats the number required.

Competitor seats are not part of this spectator allocation. Each school receives an equal number of seats in the temporary stand for their competitors. 

  • In the Swimming Charter each school will have approx the same number of spectator seats allocated. The seating block position rotates annually.
  • Only seats with a direct view of the main pool will be included in the allocation to schools. The seats without a direct view will be left spare. Schools can use these as overflow seats if required.
  • Parents/public will also be provided with a set allocation of seats which will be approx the same number as that allocated to schools. Parent seat block position does not rotate each year.