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Seating Usage Form

Submissions for this form are closed.
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The seating for the indoor carnivals at HBF stadium is tight and we need to use it as effectively and equitably as possible. In consideration of this, schools in A-E divisions are required to complete this seating usage form to advise if the school requires allocated spectator seating for students and staff, and if so, how much of their maximum drafted allocation they would like.

This form must be completed by Friday 16 February, so that all seats can be allocated effectively, and swimming booklets can be finalized.

Please note:

  • This form refers to student & staff spectator seating only, not parent or public spectator seating, and it is separate from the seating allocated to your swimming teams.
  • The maximum allocation drafted for co-ed. schools is 125 seats.
  • The maximum allocation drafted for single gender schools is 62 seats.
  • There is a field on the form in which schools can request additional seats that might become available.
  • If schools have not submitted a seating usage form by Friday 16 February, it will be assumed they do not require a specific allocation of seats for spectators, and their drafted allocation will be reallocated.

The spectator seat allocation will be finalized in Week 4 once the due date for form submission is past.

Seating allocation for Swimming Teams will be noted in the Swimming charter and in the Carnival Information Booklets.

Only seats with a direct view of the main pool will be included in the allocation to schools. 

Parents/public will also be provided with a set allocation of seats.


The due date for the seating usage form was Friday 16 February 2024