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Swim Classification for Inclusive Students- ACC inclusive students are now able to compete in the mainstream ACC Divisional Swim Carnivals held at HBF Stadium as a member of their interschool swim team. However, to compete, these students must hold a multi-class swim classification appropriate to their disability.



Classification of Students for ACC Sport


Please return all completed classification forms to the appropriate association listed


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General Information

The annual Inclusive Swim Carnival will be held at Claremont Pool on Friday 6th April, 2018.

Swim Nominations are due Thursday 12th March, 2020

We welcome all Inclusive students to the centre for a range of swim and novelty relay events.

Please read Inclusive Sport Swim Charter 2020, Program of Events and Nominate your students by the due date (above)

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Sports Day Association Contacts

The ACC is proud to have an event that works in association with Incluison WA Inc. This Association allows the Inclusive students to particpate in a range of sports and recreation activities provided by Western Australian State Asociations and organisations. Listed below are the sports and contact details of those sports that attend our Bi-annual Inclusive Sports Days.

Sport Contacts for Inclusive Sports Students

ISP Beach Carnival

The Inauguaral IS Beach Carnival was held in 2015.

Sorrento Beach will again be the host venue for the 2020 Beach Carnival for the ACC Inclusive Sports Students.

Date: Friday 21st February, 2020.

Students will participated in a wide variety of beach and water activites throughout the mornng. This will be followed by a BBQ lunch for all attending schools at the Sorrento SLSC.

NO LIMITS Swimming All Star Team 2018
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