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Congratulations to the following players who have been chosen to represent the ACC boys team in the 2021 All Stars Basketball Match against the SSWA team.  

ACC Boys All Stars Basketball Team 2021

Thomas Gerovich

All Saints' College

Riley Eves

All Saints' College

Mitch Benger

Chisholm College

Tanner Vogel

Georgiana Molloy Anglican School

Lado Wani

John Septimus Roe ACS

Aluth John

John Septimus Roe ACS

Ethan Elliott

Kingsway Christian College (Captain)

Tomas Dobson

Nagle Catholic College

Dean Morse 

Newman College 

Ethan Port-Louis

St Norbert College

COACH: Mark Shipley

John Septimus Roe ACS

A COACH: Ben Smith

Mater Dei College

A COACH: Daniel Forlano

Seton Catholic College

MANAGER: Mike Burgermeister

Chisholm Catholic College


The boys' match is scheduled for 2.30pm on Sunday 24 October at Bendat Basketball Stadium.


If any of the players are unavailable due to injury, illness or personal circumstance they are to contact the coach or manager ASAP. The ACC reserves the right to add additional players if any of the final squad are injured or unavailable. Players in the final squad will be contacted by the coach/manager with further details regarding the All Stars match.