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The boys and girls ACC All Stars Basketball teams played against the Combined Government School teams on Sunday 15 October 2017 at Bendat Stadium.


Final scores and highest scorers are listed below; 


Final Score

ACC 70 - SSWA 45

Highest Point Scorer

Carla Drennan - 18 points (Corpus Christi College)

Most Valuable Player

Carla Drennan


Final Score

ACC 65 - SSWA 93

Highest Point Scorer

Travis Vogel - 17 points (Georgiana Molloy ACS)

A big thank you to Vlad Alava, Ryan Godfrey, Ben Shaw, Salvatore De Luca, Paige McKenzie and Alastair Kirkby for their professionalism and time in selecting, coaching and managing the ACC teams. Thank you also to School Sport WA for their contribution and assistance in organizing what was yet again a very enjoyable event.

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