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Final Teams

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Congratulations to the following 10 players who have been selected to represent the ACC in the All Stars Netball Match against the combined government schools team (SSWA) and the Independent Girls' School Sport Association team (IGSSA).  The tri-tournament will be held at the State Netball Centre on Sunday 18 October from 9.00am.  

ACC Girls All Stars Netball Team 2020

Madison Gauntlett

All Saints' College

Grace Susan Sinclair

Aranmore Catholic College

Boudene Huckle

Swan Christian College

Georgia Ettridge 

Corpus Christi College

Kenisha Simiyu

Kingsway Christian College

Emily Dwyer

Quinns Baptist College

Emily Alexander

St Stephen's School (Carramar)

Aitaua Grace Enari

Ursula Frayne College

Charisse Rond

Ursula Frayne College

Trinity Rond

Ursula Frayne College