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The boys and girls ACC All Stars Basketball teams played against the Combined Government School teams on Sunday 16 October 2016 at Bendat Stadium.

 Due to the change of date and time this year, the event attracted a large crowd which created a great atmosphere on the day.  Both games were really competitive, entertaining and displayed incredible athleticism from the ACC and SSWA players.  It was nice to see players from both sides show great sportsmanship and genuine camaraderie, representing their school and association with pride.

Final scores and highest scorers are listed below; 


Final Score

ACC 46 - SSWA 83

Highest Point Scorers

1.  Carla Drennan - 14 (Corpus Christi College)


2.  Cian Parsons - 14  (Bunbury Catholic College)


Final Score

ACC 78 - SSWA 95

Highest Point Scorer

Alexander Ducas - 17 (Nagle Catholic College)

A big thank you to Trevor Pugh, Sheldon McIntyre, Luke Ford, Nik Martinskis, Jerram Gibson and Claire Cordingley for their time and effort with selecting and coaching the ACC teams. Thanks also to School Sport WA for their contribution and assistance in organizing the event. 

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