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ACC Announces 20th round Basketball All Star Letters recipients

Thursday, 24 October, 2019 - 11:28
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Congratulations to the following students that have been awarded their ACC Letters in the twentieth round of qualification following the 2019 All Star Basketball. To achieve letters a student has to be selected in the ACC All Star team for Basketball, Cricket or Netball for at least 3 years. 

Schools with Lettermen qualifiers will need to contact the ACC to make arrangements to present the letters award at a suitable school event. Schools that have outstanding Letters to present from Swimming, Cross Country or Athletics should contact the ACC office ASAP to make presentation arrangements.

20th Round ACC Lettermen 2019

    20th  Round 2019  
Basketball Cooper Eves All Saints' College 2019
Basketball Olivia Bassett-Scarfe Mandurah Catholic College 2019

ACC All time “All Stars” and Lettermen Club lists can be checked on the web at:

ACC Letters

The awarding of "ACC Letters" is the highest individual accolade awarded by the ACC. To receive "Letters", a student must be selected in an All Star team in the same sport for a minimum of three or four years. The number of years does not have to be consecutive, but the years are not cumulative across sports.