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All Stars Netball 2020 - ACC Wins Triple Header

Tuesday, 20 October, 2020 - 15:35
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Congratulations to the ACC Netball Team for winning the All Stars Netball Inter-Association Competition held on Sunday 18 October at the Gold Netball Centre.

This year the Independent Girls School Sport Association (IGSSA) joined the competition creating a tri-series event against the ACC and SSWA. The ACC and IGSSA both defeated the SSWA team convincingly in the first two rounds. The winner of the final round would determine the overall champion team for 2020. 

Round 3 was a close game with IGSSA 5 points ahead at half time. The ACC stepped up and came back in the second half, defeating IGSSA 28 - 23. Both teams were very strong and played a high standard game which was enjoyable to watch.   

This is the third year in a row the ACC team has won this competition.  Well done also to Aitaua Enari from Ursula Frayne College for winning MVP on the day.  A big thank you to Claire De Reus and Zoey Baxter from Emmanuel Catholic College for selecting and coaching the team, and to Jess Rees from Mater Dei College for her fantastic management throughout the year.

Thanks also to Netball WA for endorsing and facilitating the event, especially Jess Crear and David Lindsay for attending and supporting the girls on the day. 

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