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Breaking news - ACC to replace divisional swimming with Age Championship meets

Monday, 28 February, 2022 - 15:55
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The ACC has cancelled the divisional swimming carnivals for 2022 due to COVID restrictions. The carnivals will now be replaced by the ACC Swimming Age Championships from the 15-24 March.

These will be small scale COVID Safe swimming meets. There will be six meets, one for each ACC age group. Meets will have restricted numbers and are open to all ACC schools. The meets will run from 10am to 12pm and be restricted to 300 persons. Meets will be conducted at HBF Stadium in the Outdoor 10 lane pool and all lanes will be utilized.

Meet Dates:

U13 - 17 March

U14 - 15 March

U15 - 24 March

U16 - 22 March

U17 - 23 March

U19 - 16 March

Online competitor entries to the meets will be managed by the school Sports Coordinator. Students will need to meet a qualifying time for each event. Meet heats will be capped at 5 and only the fastest 50 qualifiers per event will be able to attend. There will be no finals. Fastest 10 swimmers across all heats will be the timed or virtual final. Medallions will be presented to the top 3 place getters in each race. Team and individual points will only be awarded to the virtual finalists placed 1st to 10th.

The event program will include:

100m freestyle - 3 heats only

50m Freestyle - 5 heats

50m Breaststroke - 5 heats

50m Butterfly - 3 heats only

50m Backstroke - 5 heats

4 x 50m Freestyle mixed gender relay - 1 heat only

Multi Class 50m Freestyle

Multi Class 50m Breaststroke

Multi Class 50m Backstroke

Spectators: Only parents/guardians of participating children may attend the events. No other family or friend spectators are allowed.

Supervision: Students can be transported and supervised by the school or the parent/guardian if the school is not providing teacher supervision.

For entries, qualifiying times and other meet information please talk to your Head of Sport.

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