Nagle Catholic College win C Division Athletics Carnival



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Nagle Catholic College win C Division Athletics Carnival

Friday, 15 September, 2017 - 16:01
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Congratulations to Nagle Catholic College for winning the C division athletics carnival today at the WA Athletics Stadium. 

 All the results from the C Division Athletics Carnival are available on the ACC web or Carnivals – Athletics – Results. Previous year’s results can sometimes be stored in web cache and you may need to refresh the file to open the current results. 


Overall team results and Age Champions will be published in the West Australian newspaper in the brief sports section.

Post Carnival

It is ACC carnival policy that results are not final until seven working days after the carnival. Within this period schools are asked to scrutinize all the results and report any errors/disputes to the ACC office. The ACC will investigate all disputes and if valid, results will be changed accordingly.

Age Champions, All Star Team & Record breakers

The ACC does not announce age championship winners at the carnivals. Championship winners are posted on the web site results after the carnival and will receive a certificate of acknowledgment. Following the series of carnivals, the ACC will compare all results and select an honorary All Star  team of the best performers in each event across all carnival divisions. Students selected in the All Star team will receive a certificate and badge of acknowledgment from the ACC. Any student that sets or equals a record at an ACC carnival will also be presented with a certificate of acknowledgement after the carnivals.

Thank you to all schools for their participation in the carnival. 

ACC Athletics Carnival C Division Combined Aggregate Nagle 1741 St Stephen’s Duncraig 1735 Lake Joondalup 1662 Mandurah Catholic 1524 Servite 1504 Lumen Christi 1452 Aranmore 1445 Kolbe 1380 Boys Aggregate Lake Joondalup 873 St Stephen’s Duncraig 872 Nagle 851 Servite 850 Aranmore 780 Mandurah Catholic 693 Lumen Christi 675 Kolbe 665 Girls Aggregate Nagle 890 St Stephen’s Duncraig 863 Mandurah Catholic 831 Lake Joondalup 789 Lumen Christi 777 Kolbe 715 Aranmore 665 Servite 654 Age Champions Open Boys Francis Dete (Lumen Christi) Open Girls Charlotte Spinks (Kolbe) U16 Boys Brodee Foster (Lumen Christi) U16 Girls Toni-Marie Smith (Lake Joondalup) U15 Boys Joseph Mazza (Nagle) U15 Girls Isabel Strover (Lake Joondalup) U14 Boys Tom Craig (Nagle) U14 Girls Jazlyn Maguire (Lake Joondalup) U13 Boys Jed Hagan (Nagle) U13 Girls Dateka Schneider (Kolbe) Record Boys U16 400m Adam Giltrow (Lake Joondalup) 51.26

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