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VET Officials Nomination

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To nominate your VET students to work as officials at the ACC carnivals please complete the following form. Each school should submit one form only for all classes. On the form complete class details for each VET class you wish to nominate. Schools may nominate each VET class for more than one ACC carnival. Dates of all ACC events are on the web site under Calendar.

Only schools conducting a registered VET course may submit an applicatiion. The ACC will assess all the nominations and will notify schools if their nomination was successful. Not every school that nominated will receive a VET carnival allocation. Allocations will be assessed on the following criteria:

  1. School has a registered VET course in a suitable area i.e. Sport & Recreation / Sport Coaching / Sport Officiating / Information, Digital Media & Technology
  2. The ACC VET placement will provide learning opportunities that are practical experience and relate to the course competencies for the students.  
  3. VET students have some specific skills, knowledge or experience in an area that would benefit the ACC carnival.

When you have completed the form print a copy for your records and then press the submit button to send your nomination to the ACC. Remember to print before you submit.

Once the form is submitted you will see a confirmation page appear on the web site. If you do not see a confirmation message then please contact the ACC office to verify that your nomination was received. The ACC office will contact all schools that nominate closer to the event with further details regarding the VET carnival allocations. Detailed information will also be available in the charter.