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Students make a splash at ACC Inclusive Swimming Carnival

Saturday, 13 March, 2021 - 18:49

182 students from 12 schools cooled off in the best possible way with the ACC Inclusive Swimming Carnival taking place at Claremont Aquatic Centre on Friday the 12th of March. The events were hotly contested, starting in the 50 meter pool with students participating in Freestyle, Breaststroke, backstroke and relay events. All students then had the opportunity to participate in fun novelty events in the 25 meter pool.


Swim Classification for Inclusive Students- ACC inclusive students are now able to compete in the mainstream ACC Divisional Swim Carnivals held at HBF Stadium as a member of their interschool swim team. However, to compete, these students must hold a multi-class swim classification appropriate to their disability.

General Information


The ACC Inclusive Swimming Carnival provides students the opportunity to compete in events in the 50m pool, and compete and/or participate in events in the 25m pool.  The program also includes novelty events in the 25m pool, with the carnival supported by a host and deputy host school providing officials for the day.


** Please note : this event is back to being scheduled in TERM 1, however with the 9 week term and Easter break, the event is on a TUESDAY **

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