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Finals are played as either Interzone or Intrazone.

Intrazone Finals (if played) are within the sub-association and normally involve the teams that finished in the top ladder positions. Winning teams are presented with a premiership plaque. Intrazone Finals fixtures and results are managed through the iScore results system

Interzone Finals involve the winning A grade teams, (except Netball - A & B grades) in the Year 11/12 summer and winter competitions, from the Northern Associated Schools (NAS) and Southern Associated Schools (SAS ), in competitions where a corresponding league exists. Interzone Finals are generally played at neutral venues with umpires and venues arranged by the ACC. Winning teams in Interzone Finals are presented with player medallions and a team plaque. Interzone finals fixtures and results are not listed in iScore and are available in the following download files.

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Interzone Summer Finals Fixtures 2015
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