AFL Carnivals



Yearbook 2019


AFL Carnivals


AFL Carnivals are competitions involving a series of one day lightning carnivals that are coordinated by the Associated and Catholic Colleges of WA. There are two series of carnivals, one for year 7 and one for year 10. 

Year 7 AFL Carnivals

The Year 7 AFL carnivals take place in Term 2.  Carnivals are created on a regional basis and are referred to as the following;

Year 7 Eagles School Boys Cup

Year 7 Girls Freo Docker's Cup

Year 10 AFL Carnivals

The Yr 10 AFL Carnivals are played during Term 3.  Teams are made up of Year Ten students only and are graded on a divisional basis.  The carnivals are referred to as the following;

Year 10 Eagles School Boys Cup

 Year 10 Girls Freo Docker's Cup