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Officials Info

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All officials are to read the following important information and click on the appendix link(s) below for specific details on, and/or documents associated with, their role.


  • Officials are to be fully conversant with the rules and procedures applied to the event or position they have been nominated for. Refer to the table below for information relevant to your position. Swimming Charter: Appendices "Officials’ Appendices: Duties, Procedures & Documents”.    
  • All officials should download a copy of the program booklet for the carnivals they will be working at. Program Booklets can be downloaded on the web site or through the mobile app.
  • Officials are to report to the Official's Marshal at 9.20 am on the day of their carnival/s. A & B Div is 8.20 am. 
  • Officials must make adequate travel arrangements to arrive at the venue on time. Officials should not travel to the venue on the school buses as they will be late for their duty. Only student assistants may travel on the team/competitor bus (permitted).
  • When officials arrive they are to register and sign in at the officials sign in area with the ACC Official's Marshal (Staff member). Officials will then receive final instructions and briefing from the Carnival Manager after collecting specific equipment/clipboard/vest and dispersing to their duty location.
  • The ACC Official's Marshal is to advise the ACC Carnival Manager of any late arrivals or non-attendance of officials. The school concerned will then be contacted to provide a substitute.
  • Officials are to bring their own: pen, personal sun protection and drink bottle
  • Officials are reminded to be adequately protected from the elements (heat/cold/rain).
  • All Officials will be supplied, by the Official's Marshal, with an ‘ACC Official’ vest. All vests are to be returned to the officials sign in desk at the conclusion of the carnival.
  • The student assistants may also be supplied with either an Official’s badge/sticker or a vest to be worn whilst completing their duties.
  • An instant tea & coffee station is avaialble for all carnival officials. Ice water and cordial also available.    
  • Each official should be thoroughly briefed by their Sport Co-ordinator prior to the carnival. Refer to the table below for information relevant to each position and this can be directly passed onto the Officials completing the tasks.
  • Working with Children: All officials working at ACC carnivals are required to be checked under the Working with Children (WWC) legislation. Schools providing officials to carnivals are to ensure that officials are checked and have either a current WWC ID number, are covered by an exemption or are covered as a teacher under their TRBWA registration board. Schools need to keep records of their officials WWC status e.g. WWC ID Number, reason for exemption or TRB checks. Officials that are contracted by the ACC (i.e. WA Swimming Referees) provide their WWC number to the ACC.
  • An Official’s Parking Permit is available for officials to print and display on their car dash while parked at the venue. App 020 & App 21. 


Official Role

Essential Charter Officials (O) Appendices 

 Role of the Swimming Official

App O1

 Equipment Set Up & Recovery

App O3 & App 16 / App 3  Indoor Map & App 5 Outdoor Map

 Catering Guidelines

App O4 & App 8


App O5 & App 21

 Warm Up Pool   Supervisor

App O6


App O7

 Marshalling Director / Marshals

App O8

 Starter / Check Starter

App O9

 Place Judge

App O10

 Chief Timekeeper / Timekeepers

App O11 

 Results Manager Assistant

App O14

 Results Ratifier

App O15

 Scoreboard Operator

App O16

 Presenter of Awards (Principal)

App O17

 Seating/Parking & Crowd  Control

App O18

 Clothing Basket System

App O19

 Official / Parking Permit

App O20 & App 21