No Limits Results 2018

NO LIMITS Swimming Results 2018 The point scoring system for the ACC No Limits multi class swimming (MCS) results uses the MCPS LC Calculator on the Swimming Australia website.

Long course: https://www.swimming.org.au/Home/Swimmer-HQ/A-Sport-For-Everyone/Multi-class-swimming/Multi-Class-Point-Score/MCPS-Calculator-(Long-Course).aspx

The point scoring system is calculated against the World Best time as at October (being 1000 points). Percentile ranking is calculated by getting the point score dividing it by 1000 and then multiplying by 100. 

2018 Swimming Results

Results of carnivals are available by clicking the results links to the left. Results are generated using SportsTrak and clicking the results link will take you out of the ACC web site and into a SportsTrak results web site for each carnival. The "Virtual" Championship is a mock carnival in which the results of all carnival divisions are combined into one "virtual" championship


APC Classification Info Sheet
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11:59am 9th Feb 2018
PrR Functional Classification Kit
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