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Swimming All Stars Team by School 2020
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10:33am 9th Aug 2021

No Limits Results 2021

NO LIMITS Swimming Results 2021

New ACC Records will be estabished for each age group/gender/classification event. Where there is only one competitior in a classified age group, their time will be recognised as a new ACC Record if competing under a recognized Swimming Australia classification.

No Limits Classification

***Breaking News***NO LIMITS Swimmers-Times to be sanctioned by Swim WA


As from 2019, your NO LIMITS swimmers at the ACC Divisional Swimming Carnivals, will have their swim times officially sanctioned by Swim WA. Allowing your swimmers to use these times as direct qualification into State, National and International competition. This is an awesome opportunity for your experienced and any new classified swimmers.

ISP Swimming Charter 2021
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12:15pm 18th Jan 2021

General Information


The annual Inclusive Sport Swimming Carnival will be held at Claremont Aquatic Centre (12 Davies Rd, Claremont) on Friday 12th March, 2021.

Nominations are due Friday 26th February, 2021

We welcome all Inclusive students to the centre for a range of swim and novelty relay events.

NO LIMITS Swimming All Star Team 2018
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5:14pm 29th Jul 2020
Swimming All Stars Team by Event 2021
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10:25am 28th Apr 2021
Inclusive Swimming Program of Events 2021
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12:25pm 18th Jan 2021
Swimming Records 2021
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2:33pm 12th Apr 2021
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