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Trials for the 2024 ACC All Stars Basketball Teams will be scheduled once the 2024 Coaching and Management staff have been appointed. Dates, times and locations will then be advertised.



Players are asked to wear their school basketball uniform to assist with identification. Players should also bring a light/dark singlet (reversible ok). Playing attire should have no club, state or regional identification. A water bottle is also required. 


Player Nominations

If a student wishes to withdraw their nomination, they must do so before trials to avoid the nomination fee.  Sport Coordinators are to check the list emailed to them of nominated players from their school and report any errors or changes.  


For both Girls and Boys an ACC All Stars Team of 10 players will be selected from the trials.  If for any reason a player is unable to attend a trial, they MUST contact the Team Manager. Scheduling of trials is dependent upon the availability of coaching and management staff, and as much as possible considers the club/association/WABL commitments of both players and staff.


**Please note: players who were selected in the final team last year, or who are national or state representatives, are exempt from attending the first trial; however, such players MUST communicate their intention to be absent from the first trial to the Team Manager ahead of time, and they must ensure their presence at the second trial session.**


Country Players

Players in country areas, e.g. Manjimup, may elect not to attend all of the trials; however, they MUST communicate this with the coaching staff and additionally provide a written recommendation from their local club verifying that they are at ‚Äúrepresentative standard‚ÄĚ.


The ACC coaching staff reserve the right to add players to the trialing squad at any time and to amend the trial details if circumstances require it.


Once trial dates have been scheduled, you can contact the Coaching and Management Staff if you require further information.