Multi Class Nomination Form







Multi Class Nomination Form

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Students that have a disability and HAVE BEEN classified are able to compete at their own schools divisional carnival.  The ACC also allows those that are yet to submit an application for classificaiton to compete, and they will be recorded as INCLUSIVE athletes, at the ACC divisional athletics carnivals.

This nomination form must be completed by no later than Friday 18 August, with a new form required for each student being nominated.

Select the carnival division for your school.

Select the age group of the athlete. ACC Athletics Age Classifications can be found at

Athletes are deemed classified if they hold a provisional, national or international classification, which has been issued by the respective national sporting body.

Please enter the classification code of the athlete eg T01 (Note : if competing in both track and field events, please ensure you provide the classification codes of both)

If your athlete is yet to apply for, or receive their classification, please enter their impairment followed by INC. If competing in both track and field, then please complete for both eg T01 INC

PLEASE NOTE : if you are unsure of your INCLUSIVE athletes impairment, please refer to or contact Cherie Pirnie, at the ACC office

Please select the events that the athlete will compete in. Please note, an athlete may compete in all eight (8) events.

Should permission be granted, Cherie Pirnie (Sport Operations Manager, Inclusion), will be in contact to obtain information regarding the nominated athlete.