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Multi Class Results 2023

The winner of each ACC Multi Class event will be the athlete with the highest percentage score based on the world rankings for that event. If there is only one student in a particular age group/gender/classification event, then that student will be declared the winner of the event. 

New No Limits Records and Participants Across ACC Athletics Carnivals

Tuesday, 22 September, 2020 - 14:40

The 2020 ACC No Limits program was in full swing across the ACC Athletics Carnivals with both new and returning athletes to the program. 16 No Limits athletes participated across the 10 divisional carnivals. For the 2020 athletics carnivals the ACC opened all events to the No Limits program, which was embraced by the athletes who collectively competed in a total of 50 events.


Classification of Students for ACC Athletics Carnivals

Due Date: Thursday 22nd August, 2019

Please return all completed classification forms to the appropriate association listed.

What your students need to have completed:

All students apply for a provisional classification for any disability. This will enable them to compete at ACC carnivals, local competition and State level competitions.

Multi Class Nomination Form

Students that have a disability and HAVE BEEN classified are able to compete at their own schools divisional carnival.  The ACC also allows those that are yet to submit an application for classificaiton to compete, and they will be recorded as INCLUSIVE athletes, at the ACC divisional athletics carnivals.

This nomination form must be completed by no later than Friday 18 August, with a new form required for each student being nominated.

Inclusive Athletics Charter 2023 v2
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Inclusive Athletics Carnival booklet 2023
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Inclusive Sports Athletics Nominations 2023
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