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Congratulations to all schools that joined us on Sorrento Beach for another amazing day !  To all participants, competitors, peer support students and staff - thankyou to each and every one of you for making the day as magical as it was !

The following students were successful in the respective IRON MAN EVENTS : 


1st  |  Oscar Staples  |  La Salle College

2nd  |  Owen Thomas  |  Prendiville Catholic College

3rd  |  Omid Mohammadi  |  Lumen Christi College



1st  |  Fabienne Cabatinga  |  Mercy College

2nd  |  Leanne Principe  |  La Salle College

3rd  |  Mercy College



1st  |  Owen Tran  |  Prendiville Catholic College

2nd  |  Ursula Frayne College

3rd  |  Jack Madigan  |  Prendiville Catholic College



1st  |  Saskia Morgan  |  Scared Heart College

2nd  |  Indi Barker  |  La Salle College

3rd  |  Dash Chrisp  |  Ursula Frayne College