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The boys and girls ACC All Stars Basketball teams played against the Independent Girls School Sport Association/School Sport WA (Girls) and School Sport WA (Boys) on Sunday 24 October 2021 at Bendat Stadium.

All games were an exceptionally high standard with each participating team displaying incredible talent and ability.  The ACC was pleased to see the fantastic sportsmanship and honour in our selected players this year.  The ACC schools they represented should be proud.

Final scores, award recipients and highest point scorers are listed below;


Round 1

SSWA 32 - IGSSA 31

Round 2 

ACC 44 - SSWA 28

Round 3

ACC 34 - IGSSA 24

Highest Point Scorer

Kyrah Daniels (Kennedy Baptist College) - 22 total points

Most Valuable Player

Kyrah Daniels (Kennedy Baptist College)

Coach's Award

Javene Fitch (Bunbury Catholic College)



Final Score

ACC 104 - SSWA 82

Highest Point Scorer

Thomas Gerovic (All Saints' College) 25 points

Most Valuable Player

Thomas Gerovic (All Saints' College)

Coach's Award

Dean Morse (Newman College)


 A big thank you to Luke Ford, Ryan Godfrey and Katelyn Isard (Girls team); and Mark Shipley, Ben Smith, Daniel Forlano and Mike Burgermeister (Boys team) for their professionalism and time in selecting, coaching and managing the ACC teams. Thank you also to Basketball WA and IGSSA for their contribution, professionalism and support in organizing what was yet again a very enjoyable event.

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